Liberty Rowley

Microgeography and an Exploration of the Magic that can be Found at The Bottom of the Garden

The Bottom of the Garden is full of wonders both real and imagined. Children’s fiction provides a particularly rich seam of influence to other works of literature and film that use the small patch of garden to explore the whole world.
Liberty Rowley is half of psychogeographical film-making duo FourFeetFilms, who, together with Photographer Mark James, have been making short films about long walks, folk practices and edgeland exploration since 2009.
Most recently they published a book which explores the history of mankind through the photographs of plants and litter taken on a walk around the A406 North Circular motorway. Graduating from Camberwell College of Art in 2002 with a degree in Sculpture, Liberty has continued to make art, films and currently runs the open-air art gallery The London Arts Board.

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