Alchemy Film Festival: Altered State

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2016 Alchemy Film Festival. The deadline is November 30th and the festival will be running from 14-17th April, 2016 at Hawick, Scottish Borders.

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival is an international festival of experimental film and artists’ moving image. Submissions of artists’ and experimental film from any part of the world are welcome - "we celebrate a diverse range of works: the visually experimental, quietly poetic, formally radical, psycho-geographical, politically activist, culturally subversive, psycho-spiritual, the alchemically volatile, the underground and bizarre."

The theme of 'Altered State' includes: notions of transcendence, political transition and subversion, shifts in personal or visual perspective, psychological and material change, mental or spiritual transformation, excavations of notions of contemporary counterculture.

For more information on submissions, click here. More generally, you can find out about the festival and its work via Facebook and Twitter. Richard Ashrowan, the festival's Creative Director can also be found here and on Facebook.  

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