Rob Macfarlane and Adam Scovell recently teamed up with James Bulley, Stanley Donwood and Richard Skelton to make the 9-minute Jarman homage, Holloway. A spectral mix of Journey to Avebury, Scovell's previous super-8 films and Macfarlane's meditation on the area, the film formally examines the palimpsestual nature of "the sunken lanes in South Dorset that are known as holloways."

Describing the project Macfarlane notes:

I had become fascinated by these strange folds of land: by the manner in which history seemed to repeat – re-pleat – itself within and around them, across centuries, and by the patterns of echo and loop that I perceived the holloways as somehow generating. Super-8 – Adam’s preferred stock – seemed the perfect film on which to shoot this subject, given its palimpsestic surface and its shivery rhythms. I wrote a text to be spoken as voiceover, which I tried to ingrain with doublings and reversals (of image, word, sound). We wanted to make a film that cast a brief strong spell.

The film is viewable, along with a longer version of the above over at Caught by the River. Scovell has also documented the gestation of the project on his website.