Screen Media

In February 2015, in the run up to the symposium, Yvonne presented a talk on Derek Jarman at the Screen Media research seminar at the University of Cambridge. Title and abstract: 

"A Trick of the Light: Derek Jarman and Magick.

With reference to Derek Jarman's Super-8 film A Journey to Avebury, this talk will discuss the role of magick in his film-making practice and the interaction between law and space. Reference will be made to the film-maker's long-standing interest in esoteric practice and the manner in which this focus has been received in recent criticism. In part, the paper will discuss the use of magickal concepts as interpretative tools.

Yvonne Salmon is Preceptor at Corpus Christi College, with research and teaching spanning the departments of English, Art History, Law and Land Economy at the University of Cambridge. Her work covers the fields of literature, law, film and counterculture. The present paper relates to her ongoing research project, The Alchemical Landscape, an investigation of the 'geographic turn' in literature, art and culture."