Weekend Otherworld

In October 2014, Yvonne Salmon and James Riley were invited by Andy Sharp to speak at the English Heretic / Exploring the Extraordinary event Weekend Otherworld at the Cinema Museum in Kennington. It was a great event that allowed us to air some ideas that went into the planning of The Alchemical Landscape symposium. Yvonne presented a paper on the 'geographic turn' in art, music and culture which included references to English Heretic, Phil Legard, Black Meadow and T.C. Lethbridge (the man and the band). Gyrus, Jack Hunter, Andy Sharp, Will Fowler, Hannah Gilbert, Lisa Cradduck, Darren Charles and John Doran all gave great papers and the day ended with a rare screening of Derek Jarman's In the Shadow of the Sun.  

Click here and here for some further documentation.