New Releases from Eighth Climate


Justion Hopper

Following on from recent releases featuring English Heretic and Matthew Shaw, the imaginal record label Eighth Climate has put out two further albums: 

Documents, Volcano Adventures 

Justin Hopper, I Made Some Low Inquiries 

Both are highly recommended and can be ordered directly from the Eighth Climate website. 

Volcano Adventures: 

"Volcano Adventures is a report from Stanislav Grof's Basic Perinatal Matrix III. BPM III is the most violent and convulsive phase of Grof's psychedelic mapping of consciousness to the birth process. Documents presents an idiosyncratic take on BPM III, weaving an audio narrative congealing the biographies of a host of volcanic voyagers from the Marquis De Sade, on a sabbatical in Italy, to Malcolm Lowry and Claude Vorilhon. 52 minutes of lush maat rock and music for the execution of Geoffrey Firmin."

I Made Some Low Inquiries: 

"A report on two landscapes composed in poetry and sound. I Made Some Low Inquiries begins with the folk ballads of the Ozark Mountains in the southeastern USA, and the tradition of nature magic in rural East Anglia. These poems, songs and sounds are an act of translation between the two – of bilocation, examining two mythological landscapes that exist in very real locations. Through front-porch gothic Americana and agrarian Suffolk toad-bone rituals, I Made Some Low Inquiries wanders in and out of phase with landscape, memory, myth and 'nature' itself. This piece by Justin Hopper includes music by Lost Harbours and Cath & Phil Tyler, and special guest readings by Shirley Collins."

On an associated note, readers may have seen the range of stories connected to the recent fire at Boleskine House, Loch Ness. English Heretic recorded there recently and posted a typically insightful piece about its range of associations. Click here for the post.