Disinformation Sound Archive

Over at Rorschach Audio: Art & Illusion for Sound, Joe Banks reported a fascinating broadcast featuring much of the Disinformation Sound Archive: 

From 8pm on the 12 Dec 2015 to 4am the following morning, New York based sonic arts organisation Wave Farm broadcast a radio feature about the Disinformation sound art project – featuring nearly 8 hours of content, including almost all the commercially published Disinformation LPs and CDs, plus interview material and performance recordings. Although the very first Disinformation recording – VLF radio sounds contributed to a track by Andrew Lagowski’s S.E.T.I. project – was released on CD in 1995 (see link for “Mesmer Variations”), the Wave Farm broadcasts cover Disinformation’s earliest experiments with electromagnetic noise, with electrical interference, VLF and shortwave radio, plus extensive remixes and collaborations, during the decade from 1996 to 2006, plus a smattering of more recent tracks, and material connected to the “Rorschach Audio” project. All the programmes are produced by Bianca Biberaj, with special thanks to Bianca and to Galen Joseph-Hunter. Those already familiar with Disinformation CDs and LPs etc are likely to find programme 8 the most interesting…
https://wavefarm.org/wgxc/schedule/a0e3t1 (then click on the word “Audio”)

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